Online dangers and the under 18s

online-dangersAs a parent, how do you protect your children in an online world?

See how you can arm your children – and yourself – with the know-how to deal with the everyday and the unexpected. Our national experts in online child protection and parental training show you how.

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Travelling, living and working abroad

travelingPrepared for the unexpected!

More and more of us no longer consider ourselves standard tourists but are visiting remote areas on a gap year, choosing to live abroad or are spending periods working in foreign countries. So what about being prepared? If you don’t know what to expect how can you anticipate the unexpected or know how to get out of scrapes? We can help.

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Over 50 and enjoying life

silver-surfersEmbracing life as a savvy 50+

We at Safer World believe that a life worth living is a life worth living well, whatever your age! The internet, our community and even global travel are all things we should enjoy without fear. Knowledge is power, so let’s get savvy, be prepared and get on top of it!

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